Midwest Bale Ties

Popular Industries


Recycling and the processing of our recyclable materials is key to protecting our environment and meeting future sustainability goals. Midwest Bale Ties provides recyclers with a wide range of wire strapping materials including stump/carrier wire, single looped bale ties, and boxed baler wire. Our aggressive lead times and ability to expedite orders allows us to react quickly to get our partners what they need to keep their operations moving.

Building Materials

The building materials industry uses wire to support and tie down various components when executing various commercial, residential, and multi-family projects. Midwest Bale Ties predominantly provides the building materials industry with various lengths and gauges of straight and cut ceiling hanger wire and tie wire. If you are in need of support wire, tie wire, or a custom wire solution please reach out to us to discuss cost-effective options.

Facility Maintenance

Maintaining a facility can be one of the most challenging tasks within a company. Midwest Bale Ties provides maintenance professionals with quick solutions to fulfill any wire strapping needs they may have. Galvanized single looped bale ties, black annealed boxed baler wire and various finishes of stump wire are all available for expedited shipping.


The agriculture industry helps provide nourishment to old and young from coast to coast. Midwest Bale Ties helps provide agriculture professionals with support wire at various gauges and strengths allowing them to focus on the cultivation of their crops. Wire coils are available in standard 100 lb. increments or custom lengths and weights reach out to us to discuss what options would be best for you and your system.

Waste Management

Managing the waste we produce on a daily basis comes with various challenges and time constraints. Midwest Bale Ties provides timely wire solutions to the waste management industry and its professionals on a daily basis. Single looped bale ties, boxed baler wire in both 50 and 100 lbs. coils and carrier wire are all stocked and available for immediate ship. Let us help keep your system moving at the pace expected.


The packaging industry touches more cardboard and paper than almost any industry in the country. Midwest Bale Ties provides them with various lengths and gauges of flute wire and support wire as well as all the wire strapping needed to bale the waste created by the packaging process. Single looped bale ties, baler wire, and stump wire are all available for procurement and immediate ship.