Ceiling and Hanging Wire

Ceiling and Hanging Wire

Also referred to as straight and cut wire, Midwest Bale Ties 12-gauge hanger wire is used for support, stabilization and load-bearing applications. Midwest Bale Ties ceiling/hanger wire is sold in standard 12-foot lengths, but custom lengths and diameters are available upon request. Midwest Bale Ties hanger wire typically is shipped in 50-pound bundles, wire-tied or tape-tied. The product can be shipped loose or in custom-made crates to ensure damage-free transport and long-term storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds will your ceiling wire support?

The amount of weight that a single wire is able to support is dependent on the gauge wire used. The thicker, or larger diameter wire the more weight it can hold without breaking. This is known as the break load strength.

Ceiling/Hanger wire

Ceiling/Hanger Wire

Midwest Bale Ties 12-gauge straight galvanized ceiling wire comes in a standard length of 12 feet, but other gauges and custom lengths can be made to order.

  • For use in commercial drop-ceiling applications
  • Custom lengths and gauges available by request
  • Taped or wire-tied bundles
  • Can be shipped loose or in custom crates that protect the product during shipping and in long-term storage
bundles of ceiling wires stacked

Straight & Cut Wire

Midwest Bale Ties straight and cut wire is available in both galvanized and black annealed finishes, in diameters of 10 gauges to 13 gauges. Standard lengths are 10 feet, 11 feet, and 12 feet.

  • Used in agriculture, construction, and other industries
  • Custom lengths available on request
  • Standard orders are shipped in 50-pound bundles, wire-tied or tape-tied
  • Can be shipped loose, or in custom-made durable wood crates