Midwest Bale Ties

From Metal Scraps to Superior Steel: The American Wire Story

In a world increasingly dominated by disposable products, the recycling and repurposing of materials stand out as a beacon of sustainability and resourcefulness. At the heart of this is the story of American-made steel wire, particularly the kind Midwest Bale Ties is proud to work with.

Collection of Scrap Metal

The journey starts in scrapyards, factories, and homes across the U.S. Old cars, discarded appliances, and construction debris, among others, serve as goldmines for the valuable scrap metal that forms the base of our steel wire.

melting and refinement

This collected scrap metal is then transported to steel mills. Here, it’s melted down in large furnaces. The impurities, often called “slag”, rise to the top and are removed. What remains is molten steel, ready for shaping and refining.

Drawing and Shaping

Once the molten steel is at the desired purity and consistency, it’s drawn into wire forms. It’s passed through a series of dies that progressively decrease in size, allowing for the creation of steel wire of various diameters suitable for different applications.

Crafting Midwest Bale Ties and Wire Products

The wire, once formed, is now ready for transformation into the diverse range of products Midwest Wire offers:

Quality Assurance

Every piece of wire and every product undergoes stringent checks. It’s not just about meeting industrial benchmarks, but upholding the promise of American quality and the unmatched durability of steel.

Discover the Difference of American Craftsmanship! Dive deeper into our range of products and see firsthand the quality and precision of Midwest Bale Ties.