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Value: What Does Your Baler Wire, Bale Ties, and Hi-Tensile Wire Supplier Do to Help Your Business?

Some synonyms we use for the word “value” are importance, worth, and usefulness. Thinking about the role we play in our customers’ business and how we can continue to provide value, we acknowledge that we take on certain responsibilities. Although bale ties and baler wire may be a small aspect of your business, you should still expect a certain degree of value from your supplier. The attributes and responsibilities listed below are what we believe makes a good wire supplier.

Monitor and Ensure Quality

All wire is not created equal. Wire is sourced from many different countries and continents. The quality of any bale ties and/or baling products you purchase starts at the mill where the raw material (steel) comes from and how it is treated throughout the forming process. As a supplier and manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to consistently monitor the quality coming from the source mill, as well as evaluate if that material is meeting the needs of our customers. Sometimes wire can be too dry, too stiff, or too oily for a customer’s needs. Making adjustments to supply and making adjustments to a customer’s specific needs are a key “value” your bale ties, baler wire, and carrier wire supplier should be providing.


As a wire supplier and manufacturer of bale ties and baler wire, what we do is not rocket science. It is our business to know the wire and know which wire is best suited for a specific purpose. Taking our knowledge and passing that along to your customers is definitely one of the key values we bring to their business. Sometimes customers are using bale ties that are too long, and sometimes customers are using wire that’s too small in diameter. Understanding these problems, working through them with the customer, and providing solutions that are the most cost effective for the customer is a fundamental way your supplier can and should show their importance or value to your business.

Dependability and Timeliness

More times than not, we receive orders that come attached to aggressive and speedy timelines. Hearing the customer ask, “How fast can you get this out?” or “Can you ship this today?” is a daily occurrence. As a supplier and manufacturer, it’s our job to make adjustments and do our best to get the customer what they need in a timely fashion. Not being able to adjust and cater to those needs typically results in slower operational speed for the customer, as well as material piling up at the baling site causing both a safety hazard and a lot of additional work to keep the material sorted and contained. The dependability and timeliness of your supplier getting you the bale ties, baler wire, and carrier wire you need and their ability to adjust and cater to short timelines is a huge “value” they can bring to your business.

Packaging and Flexibility

Typically, bale ties come in either 250 pieces per bundle, 125 pieces per bundle, or 62 pieces per bundle. Lengthwise, customers typically order by the foot rounded to the next highest foot. As a supplier and manufacturer, we have the ability to adjust bundle sizes, lengths (including half-lengths), and the type of packaging used for the product we ship. Part of our role as a supplier includes asking the right questions and catering to the needs of our customers, such as adjusting and advising them on ways they could be saving money on material or adjusting their packaging to best suit their needs. Your current supplier should be in tune to what you need from your baler wire, bale ties, and carrier wire and be willing to make the necessary adjustments based on those needs.
Hopefully, your current supplier takes your needs seriously and is able to translate those needs into more value to your business and baling operation. Bale ties, baler wire, and stump wire are only a small part of the chain used to process and bale your recyclable materials, but if handled correctly, it should be one that causes very little stress. If your current supplier isn’t checking all the boxes above, maybe it’s time to find a supplier more in line with your needs and goals. A “valued” supplier often goes unnoticed but can bring a great deal of worth to your business and overall operations.
At Midwest Bale Ties, we pride ourselves on being a valued supplier and understanding the importance of quality bale ties and baler wire. Our staff is highly educated and dedicated to providing the utmost care and support for all of your baling wire and ties needs. Contact us today to see how we can help add value to your business!